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Land Your Dream Job

Increase your salary and professional development.

Maximize your value, skills, and talent.

Feel satisfied with your career impact.

30 Days to Prepare for What’s Next In Your Career

Join the 30-day program to prepare for your next role. Through this one-on-one and personalized service, you will gain the insight and tools you need to:

  • Identify the roles you should really be going after, ones that will make you feel fulfilled and maximize your career growth

  • Understand the step-by-step action plan required to apply to the jobs matching your skills and professional goals

  • Leverage a resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter which will make recruiters want to interview you and learn more about your talent and experience

  • Excel in interviews by sharing your professional story and career accomplishments using the best methods to answer questions and share your worth

What’s Included?

For 30 days, receive one-on-one guidance over 8 personalized meetings and coaching sessions. 

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What You Will Accomplish Over the 30 Day Program

  • Create a strategy to land your next dream job, one which matches your skills and goals

  • Gain confidence to articulate and share your career successes with recruiters, colleagues, and professional contacts 

  • Overcome imposter syndrome to effectively share with the world your real self and professional worth

What is Career Vitamin? 

Career Vitamin is your guide to learn how to search for your dream job and develop your career. 


Our mission is to minimize the frustration for those transitioning between careers. Career Vitamin helps you understand the expectations of recruiters and hiring managers and prepares you with the tools and knowledge to land your dream job.


Our vision is to equip you with the tools you need to meet your professional goals. We are passionate about developing and maximizing human talent. We specialize in helping professionals maximize their talent footprint.

Hi. I’m Karla.

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I help job seekers land their dream job, and I can propel you to build a career you love within an organization that values you.

Your job is part of your career, and your career is more than just your professional journey. Your career is the mix of opportunities and decisions that impact every aspect of your life.

I want to help you build a career which allows you to feel professionally satisfied and allows you to build the life you dream.

I have over 10 years of experience developing successful professionals and my goal is to provide you with the tools to land your next dream role. 

Karla Maria

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Join the 30 day program to learn how to land your dream job and prepare for what's next in your career. 

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Developing your career and finding your next role may be full of challenges, and if you are experiencing feelings of doubt, fear, and frustration, this makes it even more difficult. Career Vitamin helps you face every challenge throughout every phase of your job search and equips you with the tools and knowledge to land your dream job. 

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Unsure which job you should pursue or what your next step should be to develop your career? Career transitions can be scary, but with our Career Discovery service you will understand which jobs and careers best align with your experience, education, needs, and goals. Career Discovery will allow you to identify the roles in which you will be able to use your skills and maximize the value you add. 

Resume + LinkedIn + Cover Letter

Want to submit a job application, but you don’t have your resume, LinkedIn profile, or cover letter ready? Not sure what experience to include and share with recruiters? Through our Resume + LinkedIn + Cover Letter service, we will prepare these documents for you, personalized to your experience and custom to your job of interest.

30-Day Program: Land Your Dream Job

Looking for a career upgrade? Join the 30-day program to prepare for your next role. Through our Land Your Dream Job program, you will be ready to implement a step-by-step plan for your job search, leverage a resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter which shares your optimum value, and excel during interviews by connecting with recruiters in a way that will leave them wanting more. 

Job Search


Know what your ideal job looks like, but unsure how to search for it? There are many tools and platforms to find the next role in your career, but it can be frustrating not knowing how to effectively use them. Through our Job Search Optimization service, you will understand the methodologies and techniques to find interviews for the roles which will truly satisfy you. 



Have an upcoming interview and unsure how to prepare? Develop the interview skills you need to highlight your value. Understand recruiter expectations and prepare to answer common interview questions through the best strategies. Our Interview Preparation service will prepare you to share your experience and skills, personalized to the company interviewing you and the role you are pursuing. 


Finding an excellent job starts with an excellent resume.

Not ready to hire our services?


We still want to help you. Upload your resume and we will share feedback to help you improve it in the eyes of recruiters.


100% free. 100% trustworthy.

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