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Propel your students and alumni to learn key skills and tools for career development

It’s not just about graduating students to land and pass interviews. It’s about graduating the next generation of the labor force which will develop the most value to industry and organizations.

Improve your alumni’s employability

It’s not just about ensuring students complete their degrees. It’s about ensuring students are empowered with the information, tools, and practice needed to develop careers with mobility. 

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Teach students and alumni key soft skills and tools needed to sell the best version of themselves

It’s not just about helping your students and alumni find a great job after completing their degree. It's about ensuring your institution is graduating alumni with the skills they will need for life to manage communications and interactions with colleagues, earn promotions and advancement opportunities, and develop a fulfilling career.

Technical skills for job hunting and career management

Our on-demand solution teaches students and alumni the technical skills of how to:

  • Create and design an elevator pitch, resume, and cover letter

  • Prepare for behavioral interview questions through multiple methods, including STAR

  • Apply for jobs online and through applicant tracking systems

  • Manage profiles and communications on LinkedIn, job boards, and other social media sites

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Soft skills for career development and mobility

Our online program teaches students and alumni the soft skills needed to:

  • Connect with different stakeholders in organizations and at different stages of the employment cycle

  • Be an effective story-teller for interviews and for presentations

  • Maximize and leverage their network to build value in their careers and for their organization


What is the Career Vitamin solution for universities?

We believe in providing information here and now. Our solution is composed of on-demand videos designed for students to continue watching lessons and be able to track their progress.

How does Career Vitamin collaborate with colleges and universities?

Our program is built to be complementary to the traditional services provided by career services at higher education institutions. We work with career services administrators, academic unit staff,  and technology administrators to ensure your students are exposed to our program.

What are some of the ways Career Vitamin measures success in a partnership?

We are only as successful as the experience we provide students.

We develop partnerships to ensure an engaging digital experience to students.

How can I learn more for my higher education institution to work with Career Vitamin?

Contact us at We will be in touch shortly after you reach out to us.

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