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Tell Me About Yourself

How to Answer the #1 Interview Question, and Not Just During Interviews

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We help leaders get the tools and knowledge to share their story without the awkwardness and self-doubt.

Tired of being passed on for career opportunities? We make it easier to share your best intro so you can make your best impression.

Tell Me About Yourself is a workshop teaching you how to share your story with the purpose of equipping you with the tools and a framework to share the best introduction about yourself and the value you offer. 

Workshop Learning Objectives

Understand how the story you share with others about yourself impacts your life.

Relevance and impact of the # 1 Interview Question: The one question you can expect to be asked during a job interview is relevant even when you are not job hunting. Some variation of the “Tell me about yourself” question comes up in everyday situations, and the way you answer can exponentially benefit your career and your life.

Learn how to read your audience and the best ways to communicate with them.

Identify and understand your audience: Knowing what is important to your audience and understanding their perspective is the key to telling others your story in a way that is effective and compelling. 

Define your story in a way that is relevant to your audience and supports your goals.

Find spotlight moments to create your story: The best answer to the “Tell me about yourself” question is one that tells a story. Identifying key moments of your past and present, along with providing a glimpse of your future will allow you to share your story in a way that helps you get closer to your goals. 

Create a personal guide to use when faced with obstacles in creating and sharing your story. 

Overcome challenges of creating your story: Identify obstacles preventing you from preparing and delivering the best answer to “Tell me about yourself” and familiarize yourself with a guide to use during tough moments of doubt and uncertainty. 

Learn what environmental factors affect the delivery and effectiveness of your story. 

Plan and deliver your story based on the environment: Understanding the setting and mood when sharing your answer to “Tell me about yourself” is key to effectiveness and fully connecting with your audience. Learning how to quickly adjust and pivot your answer will also be useful in dynamic situations. 

Identify the diverse situations when telling your story effectively leads to career opportunities. 

Tell Me About Yourself for Professional Fulfillment: Whether you are actively job hunting, looking for a promotion, or happy in your current role, being prepared with an updated answer to “Tell me about yourself” will help you on your journey towards career fulfillment.  

Learn how to leverage the power of connecting with others by sharing your story in a compelling way. 

Tell Me About Yourself for Life Satisfaction: Anyone you meet can turn into a high-impact connection. Understanding who you are and how to share this with others can open doors of opportunities in all areas of your well-being. 

“Tell Me About Yourself” is the most common interview question.

But it’s not just for interviews.


Some variety of this question also comes up during every-day interactions. 

  • Catching up with a long-lost contact

  • Being asked to introduce yourself at work

  • Meeting new people at a conference or event

  • Chatting with the new C-level hire at work 

"Serendipity always rewards the prepared"

- Katori Hall

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Tell your story when introducing yourself to keep your audience wanting more of you.

Share your value, make meaningful connections, and create a positive impact.

“Tell Me About Yourself” is your opportunity to communicate your value, not just to recruiters and hiring managers during interviews, but to anyone who could turn into a high-impact connection. 

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“Tell Me About Yourself” is not just for job interviews.

In any social setting, it’s expected that you are able to tell others who you are and what you do—all while being able to communicate why you are interesting enough so the person in front of you wants to keep talking to you. On top of that, you have only a few minutes to get it right.

Every person has a unique value proposition to share.

“Tell Me About You
rself” will give you the tools to share your value and ignite others to want more of you.

This workshop is focused on the tools needed to find your stories, craft your pitch, and feel confident becoming a “Tell Me About Yourself” master.

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