Our workshops are tailored for professionals from outside the United States who seek to establish and develop themselves in the job market in the U.S., and particularly, in South Florida.

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Preparation of Key Tools

Allow us to help you prepare the key tools you need to manage your professional profile and your job search. We just need to meet with you and learn about your goals and experience to write a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile tailored just for you.

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Interview Preparation

Preparing for an interview is key to doing well and eventually receiving a job offer. The interview preparation services include guidance on the interview process, recruiter expectations, preparation for typical questions asked during interviews, and a mock interview for you to practice.

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Individual Sessions

Sometimes it is difficult to understand our aptitudes and develop a plan for our career. Our experts in talent development are available to help you identify your strengths and aptitudes, and, based on your goals, help you choose a career plan.

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