Successful Networking:

3 Must-Haves

Networking is about building meaningful relationships, and it is key to professional (and personal) success.


It is a career development skill, which should be embraced throughout all phases of your life and profession, not just when you are looking for your next job. Whether you are still in school or college, building up your experience in your first job, in the midst of a thriving career, or exploring new job opportunities, the connections you have and how you manage your relationships should be part of every aspect of your life...Read more

8 Networking Success Secrets from The Founder and Ray Kroc’s Story with McDonald’s

In addition to telling the story of how Ray Kroc, at 53 years old, went from being an unsuccessful milkshake mixer salesman to growing the McDonald’s footprint to a nation and worldwide phenomenon,  Robert Siegel's and John Hancock's movie, The Founder, shares 8 lessons in networking for career success.


During his multiple unsuccessful sales trips, Ray calls his bookkeeper June to get the latest updates, when June lets him know that a client out in...Read more