75% of resumes submitted online are never read by a recruiter

Applicant tracking systems filter resumes before a recruiter reviews it. Using the right keywords on your resume will increase the chance of it being read by a recruiter.

A job posting will receive an average of 250 applicants

Although many applicants will apply for a job, only a few are called for an interview. Tailoring your resume to a position can increase your chances for an interview. 

You have 6 seconds to win a recruiter over with your resume

A recruiter will decide to read your resume in detail in the first 6 seconds of reviewing it. Demonstrating the most relevant experience on your resume will keep a recruiter interested.

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Prepare yourself with the #1 tool for your job search: your resume. Our resume expert will write your resume built to showcase your education, experience, and skills.


  • Resume will be delivered in 3 different formats (Microsoft Word, PDF, and unformatted text for applicant tracking system optimization)

  • The basic resume includes up to 5 job descriptions or up to 10 years of experience

  • Resume will be emailed to you within 3 business days after completing the resume creation worksheet


Job Search Package

Equip yourself with all the tools you need to find your next job. This premium job search package is an all-inclusive and customized service with the following features:


  • 60-minute call for career exploration, career goals, and job search strategy

  • Resume tailored to showcase your education, experience, and skills customized to the specific role you are pursuing

  • Resume optimization for search engine, applicant tracking system, and keywords

  • LinkedIn profile tailored to showcase your education, experience, and skills within your industry

  • LinkedIn profile optimization to maximize exposure amongst your professional network

  • Recommendations to increase exposure through professional associations and type of content to share on LinkedIn

  • Introductory email to approach recruiter

  • Cover letter tailored to specific role you are pursuing

Finding an excellent job starts with an excellent resume.

Upload your resume for a free expert review. Our resume coaches will share tips on how to improve your resume. 100% free. 100% reliable.