Is the Job a Good Match for You?

Change, it’s one thing you can bet on!  Through your career management process, you have to constantly assess and evaluate yourself to determine if you are challenging yourself to meet your career goals. As you develop and grow professionally, your skills and qualifications change, which may alter whether a specific job is a right fit for you.  At your current position, or when considering a new job, ask yourself if your education, experience, and skills match the job requirements just enough to still allow a healthy dose of challenges which will help you with an upward career growth. 

If you are overqualified for a position, there will be no challenges for you, and this also means no stimulation to help you continue developing your skills.  You will eventually become bored with a position for which you are overqualified, and eventually look to find something else. 


If you are underqualified for a position, you may become overwhelmed with the responsibilities, and you will be in a place where you will need to learn too many new things in not enough time to try and meet goals. The danger in this is that you can put your reputation at risk due to underperformance and you can also risk being let go. 

If a position is a perfect fit for you, you will be challenged enough to gradually and constantly learn new things and continue developing your skills, placing you on the way up your career ladder. 

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