75% of resumes submitted online are never read by a recruiter

Applicant tracking systems filter resumes before a recruiter reviews it. Using the right keywords on your resume will increase the chance of it being read by a recruiter.

A job posting will receive an average of 250 applicants

Although many applicants will apply for a job, only a few are called for an interview. Tailoring your resume to a position can increase your chances for an interview. 

You have 6 seconds to win a recruiter over with your resume

A recruiter will decide to read your resume in detail in the first 6 seconds of reviewing it. Demonstrating the most relevant experience on your resume will keep a recruiter interested.

Prepare yourself with the #1 tool for your job search: your resume. Our resume expert will write your resume built to showcase your education, experience, and skills.


  • Resume will be delivered in 3 different formats (Microsoft Word, PDF, and unformatted text for applicant tracking system optimization)

  • The basic resume includes up to 5 job descriptions or up to 10 years of experience

  • Resume will be emailed to you within 3 business days after completing the resume creation worksheet


Equip yourself with all the tools you need to find your next job. This premium job search package is an all-inclusive and customized service with the following features:


  • 60-minute call for career exploration, career goals, and job search strategy

  • Resume tailored to showcase your education, experience, and skills customized to the specific role you are pursuing

  • Resume optimization for search engine, applicant tracking system, and keywords

  • LinkedIn profile tailored to showcase your education, experience, and skills within your industry

  • LinkedIn profile optimization to maximize exposure amongst your professional network

  • Recommendations to increase exposure through professional associations and type of content to share on LinkedIn

  • Introductory email to approach recruiter

  • Cover letter tailored to specific role you are pursuing

Job Search Package

Finding an excellent job starts with an excellent resume.

Upload your resume for a free expert review. Our resume coaches will share tips on how to improve your resume. 100% free. 100% reliable.

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