Want People to Buy You?
Do These 6 Things When
Managing Your Brand.

If you were are a product, would people buy you? What does your personal brand say about you? 


Your personal brand is how you project yourself and what people think about you, your work, and your contributions. Everything about your personal brand should be about how you bring value to yourself, your peers, your clients, your supervisors, and your friends and family...Read more

6 Steps to Sell Your Idea At Work

Have a Great Idea? Now It’s Time to Sell It.

You have an awesome idea for work. You are excited about it, and think about it over some time. You feel your passion for it increasing. You work up the courage to share it with your boss or your team, and, it is shunned down or rejected!


The first breakthrough to seeing a great idea for work become a reality is to sell it effectively. You may not directly be in a sales role. You may be an analyst, coordinator, designer, or engineer. However, when it comes to persuading your boss...Read more

Is the Job a Good Match for You?

Change, it’s one thing you can bet on! Through your career management process, you have to constantly assess and evaluate yourself to determine if you are challenging yourself to meet your career goals. As you develop and grow professionally, your skills and qualifications change, which may alter whether a specific job is a right fit for you.  At your current position, or when considering a new job, ask yourself if your education, experience, and skills match the job requirements just enough to still allow a healthy dose of challenges which will help you with an upward career growth...Read more

Successful Networking:

3 Must-Haves

Networking is about building meaningful relationships, and it is key to professional (and personal) success.


It is a career development skill, which should be embraced throughout all phases of your life and profession, not just when you are looking for your next job. Whether you are still in school or college, building up your experience in your first job, in the midst of a thriving career, or exploring new job opportunities, the connections you have and how you manage your relationships should be part of every aspect of your life...Read more

Cycles and Phases in Your Career

To take control of your career you need to understand that throughout your career you will have multiple cycles, and each cycle has 5 phases.

It is important to understand each of these 5 phases within a cycle, along with which phase you are currently in and when a new cycle begins for you...Read more

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